Terms of use

All the information in MatEmESp can be queried free of charge through this website. The values provided by MatEmESp for the estimators of exposure to each agent in the corresponding jobs can also be exported in Excel format. These downloads are made from the screens for each specific agent through the Exportar datos a Excel link


The user of the information available in MatEmESpes is solely responsible for its correct use. To do this, you must be fully familiar with the definitions and criteria followed for the evaluation of exposures. As described in the header menu How to find the information, in the tables with the exposure data and through the link Más info (More info) detailed information about the origin of the data on the agents and exposure estimators available in MatEmESp is available (in Spanish), including the definition of the agent and the criteria and sources used in MatEmESp to obtain the exposure estimators. In some cases, comments from the evaluators who carried out the estimates are also included. It is highly recommended to query this information to fully understand the scope and meaning of the exposure data available in MatEmESp. It is also recommended to read the article by García et al. “Proyecto MatEmESp: matrices empleo-exposición para trabajadores españoles” [only in Spanish], published at Seguridad y Medio Ambiente en 2011, accesible from the Publications menu. 


In the publication of any type of document, report or study that directly uses data from MatEmESp, the origin of the corresponding information must be recognized by including a citation to this website (MatEmESp. Spanish job-exposure. Available at: https://matemesp.upf.edu/) and a citation to the paper describing the process and methods followed in the construction of MatEmESp (Garcia AM, González-Galarzo MC, Kauppinen T, Delclos GL, Benavides FG. A Job-Exposure Matrix for Research and Surveillance of Occupational Health and Safety in Spanish Workers: MatEmESp. Am J Ind Med. 2013; 56 (10): 1226-38 ). It is also advisable to include the following acknowledgment text somewhere in the publication in question:  


The MatEmESp Project has been carried out by the University of Valencia, the Union Institute of Labor, Environment and Health (ISTAS) and the Center for Research in Occupational Health (CiSAL), having been funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Consellería de Sanitat-Generalitat Valenciana, Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, and Fundación Prevent.