Description of agents

Attention: agents in MatEmESp database are in Spanish


In MatEmESp, agents are classified into six categories: safety, hygiene, ergonomic and psychosocial risks, employment conditions and sociodemographic factors.

Agents in MatEmESp are conditions and circumstances that can affect the safety and health of workers, either directly acting as risk factors at work (for example, prevalence of exposure to the risk of workplace accident by different mechanisms, average levels of pollutants in the work environment, prevalence of exposure to forced postures or average level of exposure to emotional demands at work on a scale of 0-100), or indirectly as determinants and modulators of situations of exposure to occupational hazards and / or its impact on workers’ health and safety (for example, distribution of workers in the occupation according to type of contract, weekly working hours, age or sex).

All agents and occupations that have been specifically evaluated in MatEmESp appear with data in the matrix, even if the result of the evaluation is that there is no exposure (for example, exposure prevalence equal to zero, or exposure intensity equal to zero) in a given job for a given agent.


See the explanation on how to search for information in MatEmESp from the Agents menu in the header menu How to find the information, section "Starting the query from AGENTS".