Description of jobs

Attention: jobs in MatEmESp database are in Spanish

In MatEmESp, jobs are coded according to the 1994 Spanish National Classification of Occupations (CNO94).

In CNO94, jobs are classified into five levels of aggregation: 10 large groups with one-digit codes, 19 main groups with one-letter codes, 66 main subgroups with two-digit codes, 207 subgroups with three-digit codes, and 482 primary groups with four-digit codes (more information on CNO94: Instituto Nacional de Estadística[AG1] 

MatEmESp provides information at different levels of aggregation (according to the number of digits, from 1 to 4) of the jobs according to the sources available for each agent and the criteria followed in the process of construction of the matrix. The common objective has always been to obtain the information for the maximum level of disaggregation (greater number of digits) by job for each agent. 

See the explanation on how to search for information in MatEmESp from the Jobs menu in the header menu How to find the information, section "Starting the query from JOBS".